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A Mexican Granny Is The New YouTube Sensation

A Mexican Granny Is The New YouTube Sensation
A Mexican Granny Is The New YouTube Sensation

Video: A Mexican Granny Is The New YouTube Sensation

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Video: YouTuber grandmas? Mexican woman’s cooking videos become overnight sensation 2023, January

YouTube has a new viral star and it is not just any new millennial, with all due respect.

This is a Mexican granny who is showing her best recipes through social networks on her YouTube channel, De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina, which was created just a little over a month ago.

Doña Ángela, from the state of Michoacán published her first recipe just on August 20. However, it has grown exponentially to the point of reaching a million followers. Since her first video, the granny has caused a sensation, not only for her natural style when it comes to explaining the recipe and cooking in her natural habitat, but her typical apron dress - which brings memories of our grannies to anyone.

Apart from the recipes, granny is stirring the feelings of those who see her, so feeling nostalgic about remembering grandma cooking at home is almost inevitable.

“'Do you like a taquito? Without a doubt it is the best phrase in the world, I love the videos of Doña Ángela, it reminds me of the food that my grandmother had so much love for me when I was a child,”says one of Doña Ángela's followers.

Although Granny is just making her debut as a YouTuber, her concept - or those behind it - have received a wave of praise for showing, without filters and without much production, a real way to enjoy delicious Mexican food.

“Without a doubt, her kitchen represents that of many women who, despite not having luxury utensils, dishes and utensils in their kitchen, still manage to cook such EXQUISITE things… Congratulations and I wish you much success!” Wrote a follower.

We will wait for more recipes from this cute grandmother! What a treat!

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