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Tennessee Channing Smith Commits Suicide By Bullying

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Tennessee Channing Smith Commits Suicide By Bullying
Tennessee Channing Smith Commits Suicide By Bullying

Video: Tennessee Channing Smith Commits Suicide By Bullying

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Video: Tennessee Teen Dies By Suicide After Being Outed Online | NBC Nightly News 2023, January

A Tennessee teenager committed suicide after he was denounced and bullied at school for being bisexual on social media, his family confirmed.

Channing Smith, 16, committed suicide on September 22 after his classmates exposed online screenshots in which he confided to a friend about his sexuality, according to The New York Post.

Channing Smith
Channing Smith

Smith's brother Joshua Smith revealed to the WZTV news station that the screenshots of the conversation had been posted on Instagram and Snapchat.

"They did it to completely humiliate and embarrass my brother," Channing's brother told the media about his peers at Coffee County High School.

"He couldn't cope with the humiliation that awaited him when he arrived at school on Monday, so he shot himself and committed suicide," Joshua told the outlet.

According to his brother, the pressure of being from a small city in the middle of the southern state would make him a laughing stock at his school.

Channing Smith
Channing Smith

Announced his suicide:

Channing called the girl who posted the screenshots and said she would kill herself.

But the girl did not tell anyone about the teenager's plans, and he killed himself within a few hours.

The family is pressing Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott to press charges against the youth who made the boy's statements public.

"The Coffee County principal investigator told me that he was pushing for the children to be criminally charged and the District Attorney's Office decided they did not want to prosecute him," Joshua said.

Authorities are still investigating the causes surrounding the teenager's death.

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