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Leticia Serrano Victim Of Sex Trafficking Commits Suicide

Leticia Serrano Victim Of Sex Trafficking Commits Suicide
Leticia Serrano Victim Of Sex Trafficking Commits Suicide

Video: Leticia Serrano Victim Of Sex Trafficking Commits Suicide

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Video: 15-year-old Texas sex trafficking victim commits suicide 2023, January

Leticia Serrano was sold to sex traffickers when she was 13 years old. ABC 13 reported the story of the young Texas student, who committed suicide at age 15, two years after being rescued from the prostitution ring. Letty's family assures that it was never the same after returning to the house. "She came back damaged," reveals her grandmother Cynthia Rivera to the channel. The teenager was rescued near Houston's Moody Park, but the family says she ran away from home twice to return to her kidnapper, Fox 26 Houston reported.

“She was a good student, she had good grades, she was quiet, a little lonely, and her brother just passed away. It was the perfect prey for them,”added the grandmother to Fox 26 Houston. Letty, who celebrated her quinceañera in May, killed herself last Saturday by locking herself in the bathroom of the house.


Her father Mariano Serrano found her and said that "she died in my arms." The father added to Fox 26 Houston that he wants justice. "I want to see him in court," he said of his daughter's kidnapper. "I want to tell you that it's your fault that my daughter is dead."

Her grandmother created an account on behalf of Letty to raise funds to raise awareness of the dangers of sex trafficking. "Letty went through a terrible kidnapping in 2017 at the hands of a man who drugged her," says the message on the Facebook account about the sex trafficker. “With the help of the community I was able to find her. When she returned she was already damaged and addicted, the recovery process is one of the most difficult things a child can face.”

Rivera explained that Letty's kidnapper was arrested and only spent three days in jail before being released. She allegedly then kidnapped another 13-year-old girl. "I ask them to help us and that her death is not in vain," added the grandmother.

Commander Jim Dale of the Houston Police Department revealed to Fox 26 Houston that the investigation into Letty's case had been reopened after her death. Rivera asked schools like Marshall Middle School, where her granddaughter was attending, to get involved in finding solutions to stop child sex trafficking. Likewise, the grandmother is demanding that the city of Houston destroy the abandoned houses and not allow people to gather there, since in places like that her granddaughter was the victim of sexual slavery.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide please seek help by calling the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit suicidepreventionlifeline.org.

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