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Former Bodyguards Of El Chapo's Wife Arrested

Former Bodyguards Of El Chapo's Wife Arrested
Former Bodyguards Of El Chapo's Wife Arrested

Video: Former Bodyguards Of El Chapo's Wife Arrested

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Video: Video shows the moment Mexican security forces captured the son of "El Chapo" 2023, January

A New York police officer who served as the bodyguard for Joaquín el Chapo Guzmán's wife during the drug trafficking trial in New York has been arrested for allegedly selling cocaine and providing protection to drug traffickers.

The New York Post reported that agent Ishmael Bailey was arrested on Wednesday for the crimes of conspiracy and sale of controlled substances for allegedly working as an escort in the transfer of cocaine through various points in the Queens neighborhood.

Bailey worked as an escort for El Chapo's wife, Emma Coronel, during the trial of the Sinaloa cartel boss in Brooklyn and she was seen on numerous occasions accompanying her to the entrance and exit of the building amidst a cloud of photographers and cameramen..

Emma Colonel
Emma Colonel

The agent was hired by the company that provided the transportation service to Coronel, The New York Times said. But precisely that work, which he carried out legally in his free hours, was the one that would have aroused the curiosity of his colleagues in Internal Affairs, who were interested in his extra-labor activities, according to the Post.

The authorities assure that the police, with 12 years of service, met on August 27 with an undercover agent who posed as a drug trafficker and allegedly agreed to provide him with his security services during the transfer of cocaine shipments. The defendant met again the following week with the same undercover agent, who allegedly showed him three packages, one of real cocaine and the other two of fake, for which he was paid $ 2,500.

On another occasion, he was paid $ 10,000 to provide security for the transfer of a shipment, authorities say.

Bailey, who was arrested by Queen's internal affairs and prosecutors, was also charged with possession of controlled substances, collecting bribes, and inappropriate official conduct.

"There is no place for corruption in the New York police," Big Apple Police Chief Brian O'Neill said in statements collected by the Times. "When an agent intentionally tarnishes the plaque that has been worn proudly thousands before him, he will be held accountable for it at the highest level established by law."

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