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La Chilindrina Mourns The Death Of Her Husband

La Chilindrina Mourns The Death Of Her Husband
La Chilindrina Mourns The Death Of Her Husband

Video: La Chilindrina Mourns The Death Of Her Husband

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The Mexican actress María Antonieta de las Nieves, better known as La Chilindrina, is in mourning after the death this Sunday of her husband Gabriel Fernández at 85 years old.

According to the Mexican press, Fernández had been hospitalized for several days due to pneumonia, although it has not been confirmed that this is the cause of his death.

“I have spent many days going over the matter, thinking about what I could say to them. Today my life has given a total change because the love of my life is gone, I don't know what else I can do and I don't want to tell you anything else,”the actress commented with deep pain to the Mexican press. "I have to think very hard about what I am going to do, why I am going to live, if I want to continue living or do not want to continue living, if I go abroad or do not go abroad."

The news was announced by Carlos Villagrán, who played Kiko in the popular series El Chavo del Ocho in which De las Nieves played Chilindrina. The actor shared a photograph with his castmate offering his deepest condolences.

"With regret, I share the sadness of my great friend and companion of great experiences, María Antonieta de las Nieves for the departure of also my great friend Gabo," he wrote next to the image hugging the actress. "I hug you and send you my deepest condolences."

Another of his colleagues who sent his condolences was the actor Edgar Vivar, who gave life to Ñoño. Through Twitter, the actor sent a love message to the actress. “I understand your pain, I share it and I vow so that resignation comes. You are strong and I love you”, he wrote.

De las Nieves has remained silent for the moment, although several of his relatives have gone to social networks to send him messages of support.

According to the media, Chilindrina and her husband met on the set of the legendary television program, in which Fernández was the narrator and was the one who said the emblematic phrase: "This is the number one show on humorous television."

The actress and Fernández had been married for 48 years.

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