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El Potro De Sinaloa Mourns The Death Of His Nephew

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El Potro De Sinaloa Mourns The Death Of His Nephew
El Potro De Sinaloa Mourns The Death Of His Nephew

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Video: El Potro De Sinaloa Ft. Canelos Jrs - El Jabali (En Vivo 2018) 2023, January

The Mexican singer known as El Potro de Sinaloa is devastated after learning that his spoiled nephew was killed Friday morning. The interpreter received the sad news just a couple of days after sharing with the 21-year-old at a family gathering.

"Now it was a very sad dawn for me, I couldn't help crying knowing that my beautiful nephew, Oscar Barraza Hernández, was killed at the age of 21, starting to live," the singer reported through his account. from instagram. "We are sad, but my God is happy because he has a warrior angel up there in heaven to play the accordion for him."

According to reports, the young musician was shot to death after being attacked by an armed command in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, where one of his companions was seriously injured.

According to witnesses, the car where the singer's nephew was traveling was intercepted by several units from where more than a dozen apparent hitmen carrying firearms got off, the newspaper El Debate reported.

Given the situation, the young man and one of his companions, got out of the vehicle and began their flight on foot, but Oscar was hit and shot dead, they say.

A unit of paramedics and civilian agents arrived at the scene and attempted to assist the wounded young man, who was later transferred to a local hospital.

Since he heard the news, the singer has not stopped publishing images with his nephew, expressing his love for him.

“The most important thing is that I sang with him for about three hours and I gave him a strong hug with a lot of love because he loved him very much, and I told him that the accordion was playing more and more beautifully, and that he was going to bring it to me for California. But he would not exist, "he wrote.

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