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Univision's Usurper Gains Audience The End Of Paradise Versus

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Univision's Usurper Gains Audience The End Of Paradise Versus
Univision's Usurper Gains Audience The End Of Paradise Versus

Video: Univision's Usurper Gains Audience The End Of Paradise Versus

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Video: End Of Paradise 2023, February

The new version of the successful soap opera La usurpadora debuted in the United States through the front door. Its fiction starring Sandra Echeverría and Andrés Palacios became its premiere in the most watched program on Spanish-language television after averaging 1,754,000 total viewers (P2 +) and 783,000 adults 18-49 years old during its first episode.

La Ursupadora - Hot list - October 2019
La Ursupadora - Hot list - October 2019

The story that more than 20 years ago catapulted Venezuelan actress Gaby Spanic to fame comfortably prevailed over the offer of her most direct competitor, Telemundo, which registered 1.2 million (P2 +) and 560 thousand adults in the same time slot. 18-49 with a new chapter of its star product, The end of paradise starring the Colombian interpreter Carmen Villalobos.


(P2 +)

1. The usurper (premiere): 1.7 M

2. The end of paradise: 1.2 M


1. The usurper (premiere): 783 thousand

2. The end of paradise: 560 thousand

The premiere of La usurpadora was also positioned as the most viewed debut of a stellar Univision fiction in the 2018-2019 season among adults 18-49 and the most followed in total viewers (P2 +) since the start of My husband has more family in November of last year.



In addition to leading at 9 pm Eastern time, with the broadcast of the first episode of The Usurper, Univision beat Telemundo in the rest of the prime time slots.

Top 3 (P2 +)

1. The usurper (Univision): 1,754,000

2. Eternal love (Univision): 1,561,000

3. The Rose of Guadalupe (Univision): 1,534,000

In this new twist on the story of two twins separated at birth and played by Sandra Echevarría, Paola, the wicked, is the unpopular and forgotten First Lady of Mexico. Her benevolent twin, Paulina, is a social worker in Colombia.



The story begins when Paola tricks her sister into taking her place and plans her murder to run away with her lover, Gonzalo Santamaría (Juan Martín Jáuregui) and start a new life. When the plan fails, Paulina flourishes in her new role and the love between her and the president is born.

Motivated by envy, the evil Paola tries to expose the usurper to regain her place and power.

The new version of La usurpadora airs at 9 pm EST on Univision.

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