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Rashel Díaz Returns With His Workshop 'De Mujer A Mujer

Rashel Díaz Returns With His Workshop 'De Mujer A Mujer
Rashel Díaz Returns With His Workshop 'De Mujer A Mujer

Video: Rashel Díaz Returns With His Workshop 'De Mujer A Mujer

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Video: Un sueño cumplido: Mi conferencia De Mujer a Mujer ❤ 2023, February

Cuban presenter Rashel Díaz continues to share her life experiences to bring inspiration to the lives of other women. She considers this her purpose in life, which she will present for the second time this year through her Woman to Woman: The Power to Know You conference, where she shares the tools that helped her through difficult times in her life.

How did you begin your work to empower Latina women?

“Everything comes from when I accepted Christ. You are looking for the purpose for which one came here to this world,”the co-host of A New Day (Telemundo) told People En Español about what she considers to be a call from God.

Love had a lot to do with it.

"My husband and I have a love story and one day the pastor of our church asked us if we wanted to share our testimony and we said yes," she confesses. "From there, I saw that the reaction of many women and many men was to listen and say 'wow' if you could after two marriages and now you are happy, maybe I can too … and apart from following God or not Because it has nothing to do with it, but it is a story that can change the lives of other women and other people.”

In the workshop to be held in September, the mother of two gives talks and courses accompanied by specialists dedicated to topics of interest such as finances, sexuality, romantic relationships, among others, to edify the life of the Latin woman.

"It was so nice to see the women go away with another face."

This workshop is aimed at single, married or divorced women aged 25 and over, who may be looking for answers about their integrity as a woman, those who have had a difficult time in a relationship as a couple or who are living it in the present.

The appointment is Saturday, September 21, from 9 am to 1 pm at the A Loft hotel in Miami. Do not miss it!

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