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Isabela Moner Shares That Her Mom Has Cancer

Isabela Moner Shares That Her Mom Has Cancer
Isabela Moner Shares That Her Mom Has Cancer

Actress Isabela Moner opened her heart and revealed the bad news she recently received, ones that have tested her faith. The protagonist of the film Dora and the Lost City of Gold shared with her followers on social networks that her mother suffers from breast cancer.

In his networks, the 18-year-old is optimistic and sends a positive message to his followers.

"My mom did it!" She wrote, along with a photo of her mother in a hospital bed, from where she would be waging her battle against the disease. "I don't usually post about private matters, but I've never been so happy and wanted to share it."

Moner revealed that the day he found out about his mom's illness, everything that was happening in his life seemed insignificant to him - and facing his condition put her to the test.

"It could have put me off, I could have become a bitter person … but I have never felt so faithful," he said. “I am so happy that we managed to overcome it. Although I never had the doubt that she would make it. It is an ongoing battle, but I think she will be fine because she is the strongest human being I know."

The young woman appreciated the support she has received from her family and friends and assured that this experience left her with a lesson in love.

"I don't know why these things happen. So much love has come out of that and there is no way it can be more than a blessing,”he added. "Go and celebrate that you have another day with your loved ones."

Although she has shared family moments on her social networks, the actress had kept her mother's health condition a secret, whom she has classified as "the sweetest woman" in the world.

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