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Therapist Against Homosexuality Declares Himself Gay

Therapist Against Homosexuality Declares Himself Gay
Therapist Against Homosexuality Declares Himself Gay

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Video: Is there a gay brain? The neuroscience of homosexuality 2023, January

He was the creator of Hope for Wholeness in 1999 in South Carolina, an organization in charge of turning homosexuals into heterosexuals, as if it were a disease.

After almost two decades launching a homophobic message he has made a strong confession: he is gay. The same one who claimed in the past that being one would take one to hell and bring serious consequences has come out of the closet.

In an interview with Post and Courier collected by PEOPLE magazine, he declared his truth, one that he had been fighting for many years and was not willing to keep quiet.

"I struggled more trying to deny (my attraction to men) than accepting my tastes and saying 'I am gay," he sincerely expressed to this medium. "I have been in trouble for 26 years and now I have more peace than ever."

The then gay therapist whom he tried to convince that his homosexuality was a kind of sin, tells his truth two years after leaving the organization he created.

He recognized that as a young man he needed psychological help to overcome his attraction to men. Finally he married a woman in order to suppress his true feelings.


Now he recognizes that the real aberration was done by him and his ex-partners trying to change what is natural. "Conversion therapy is not just a lie but it is very harmful," he confessed.

His confession includes a story of a hard childhood where it is worth noting his secret admiration for the clothes of his sisters and the cruel ridicule of his schoolmates who called him McGay.

Pain, fear, panic attacks, crying and much more were the feelings that he had to live and, somehow, marked the path in which to direct his life. But his confession, repentance and truth have been a liberation and surely also of much help to others in the same situation.

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