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Sex Therapist, Ex-girlfriend Of Drew Carey, Murdered

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Sex Therapist, Ex-girlfriend Of Drew Carey, Murdered
Sex Therapist, Ex-girlfriend Of Drew Carey, Murdered

Video: Sex Therapist, Ex-girlfriend Of Drew Carey, Murdered

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Video: Drew Carey's Ex-Fiancée Amie Harwick Dead: Everything We Know 2023, February

Amie Harwick's shocking death is making waves in Hollywood. The beautiful sexual and family therapist, 38, was found to have died after falling from a balcony at her Hollywood Hills residence and now the Los Angeles police have arrested her ex-boyfriend on suspicion that he murdered her.

The events occurred this Saturday, February 17, at the victim's home located in the 2000 block of Mound Street. Towards 1:15 pm elements of the LAPD responded to an alarming call "from a woman screaming," as revealed by a statement obtained by People.

Lying on the pavement and under her balcony located on the third floor, they found the woman who until 2018 was promised in marriage to the comedian and radio and television host Drew Carey. "She suffered injuries consistent with those of a fall," the document noted.

Harwick was immediately rushed to a local hospital where she died of her injuries, forensic doctors found.

However, police investigations found that in the woman's home it occurred there were signs that someone had forced their entry. "By combing the area, evidence was found that an intruder entered the property and left the scene after the murder," said the statement.

The autopsy concluded on Tuesday and it was determined that Harwick died of head and torso trauma. Additionally, a LAPD spokesperson revealed to People that the woman's body presented "evidence of manual strangulation." The case was officially classified as a homicide.

This same Tuesday the police arrested Gareth Pursehouse, 41, the victim's ex-boyfriend, as a suspect in the case. Incredibly, by noon the subject had been released on bail - set at $ 2 million. However, this Wednesday he was arrested again, this time without bail and on one count of murder and one theft of a first-degree residence.

Drew Carey posted a video in tribute to his ex-girlfriend:


Friends of the victim say the suspect harassed her and that Harwick had requested a second restraining order after the first one filed against Pursehouse had expired two weeks ago.

"He was a stalker. When they finished, he did not take it very well,” Rudy Torres, friend of the victim, told KABC-7, an affiliate of the ABC network in Los Angeles. "He did and said stupid things. You said to him 'Hey hey, let it be, leave it alone', but he didn't do it”.

On networks, Carey invited the public to sign a petition circulating online under the title "Justice 4 Amie," seeking to change and update the laws on domestic violence. Please sign the petition if you can. Thank you and God bless you".

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