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Colorado Lions Boy

Colorado Lions Boy
Colorado Lions Boy

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An 8-year-old boy from Denver, Colorado was seriously injured after suffering a savage attack by a mountain lion that pounced on him while playing outside his home.

The tragedy occurred on Wednesday around 7:30 pm, when the boy was at his home located in the Burland Ranchettes division of the Bailey neighborhood. The minor was jumping on a trampoline with his little brother and suddenly they heard that one of his friends was calling them from the neighboring house.

When the boy ran to see his friend, the beast came out of nowhere to pounce on him and bite his head, according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission (CPW) through a Press release.

The victim's brother ran to his house to notify his father of what was happening and when his father ran away he could see that the lion had caught his son.

Fortunately, when the father approached, the animal ran away and they quickly called 911 to transport the boy urgently to a hospital where the boy remained hospitalized until Wednesday night.


"The boy was running and probably caused the lions' natural response to a running prey animal," said Mark Lamb, manager of the Wildlife Area. "We hope the child is doing well, we just hate to see this happen."

According to the statement, the Park Service traveled to the area with dogs and traps to search for the culprit of the attack.

Two animals similar to the victim's father's description were immediately located and trapped. According to multiple local sources, including Telemundo Denver, the two beasts were slaughtered.

"A necropsy of the mountain lions will be performed in our health laboratories before sending [samples] to the DNA laboratory in Wyoming for analysis," he explained about what will happen now.

Until now the minor's state of health is unknown. His identity has not been revealed.

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