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Colorado Boy Shot While Driving

Colorado Boy Shot While Driving
Colorado Boy Shot While Driving

Video: Colorado Boy Shot While Driving

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A young Colorado woman faces a tough recovery after being shot in an apparent case of highway violence on Oct. 11 in Thorton, Colorado.

The bullet caused Karen Escamilla, 20, serious damage to her face, which has left her with secondary injuries, according to the KDVR network.

"It is not me," said the young woman to the chain in reference to how her face has been. "I will be normal again, and that's what I hope, to be able to leave this behind and come out in front of something so tragic."

According to the press, the young woman was driving her car when she was apparently shot by a 16-year-old teenager who has not yet been identified because of a dispute between drivers.

The bullet pierced the young woman's cheek and lodged in her sinuses, splintering her jaw in seven places. Escamilla was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit of an area hospital. According to the GoFundMe fundraising page, the doctors repaired her cheek and forced the closure of her mouth temporarily.

The young woman must remain with her mouth sewn for about two months, so additional necessary surgeries should wait, according to the chain. "I must wait for it to heal before having other surgeries," explained the young woman. "Everything is different: how I get up, how I speak, how I eat."

Karen Escamilla
Karen Escamilla

The young woman shared details of her tragedy through her Facebook account, where she explained that she lost all the bone in her mouth, her palate, as well as the bone under her nose, and also claimed that she suffered a fracture on the right side of her face. People reported.

"The bone [in my mouth] needs to stay alive so that it can have teeth again," he explained on his social network. “I don't have all the bone under my nose, which means everything that comes out of my nose. Since [the wound] deflated I can no longer speak, I have to write everything.”

Karen Escamilla
Karen Escamilla

Escamilla also revealed that he will not be able to chew until the middle of next year and that doctors will have to remove a piece of bone from his leg to implant it in his jaw.

The girl's boyfriend said that in addition to the physical damage that Escamilla suffers, he also has to deal with the costs of the hospital since medical insurance does not cover surgeries as they are considered a cosmetic procedure. So he created the account on the GoFundMe page.

According to the KDVR network, authorities have arrested a suspect, whom they have not identified, who faces multiple charges, including that of attempted murder.

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