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New Jersey Woman Burns Her Boyfriend's House

New Jersey Woman Burns Her Boyfriend's House
New Jersey Woman Burns Her Boyfriend's House

Video: New Jersey Woman Burns Her Boyfriend's House

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Video: Women burns down a house after a fight with boyfriend!🔥🔥 2023, February

Everyone who has had a bad date or left them standing has different reactions, but a woman from New Jersey took it to another extreme.

Taija Russell, 29, was accused of setting fire to a man's home after being invited late at night.

However, the woman never managed to enter since her prospect had fallen asleep and did not open the door for her.

Rusell was arrested on August 13 in connection with a fire at 217 South Barber Avenue, which authorities went to on August 4.


The man, who was inside the residence, was taken to the hospital where he was helped by burns and smoke inhalation, according to local radio.

Authorities began the investigation on suspicion of arson. After identifying a suspect through local security cameras and a service station where she purchased flammable liquid and lighters, it was determined that Tauja Russell attended the home and set the site on fire.

Another means that Russell was involved in the fire were text messages that he sent to the man with threats.

"The result could have been much worse and the Woodbury police are happy to hear that the victim and her dog are recovering well," the statement said.

Russel faces charges of attempted murder, aggravated arson, assault and criminal conduct.

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