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Caliber 50 Gets Work Visas After Seven Months

Caliber 50 Gets Work Visas After Seven Months
Caliber 50 Gets Work Visas After Seven Months

Video: Caliber 50 Gets Work Visas After Seven Months

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The regional Mexican music group Caliber 50 is jumping with happiness after receiving work visas that will allow them to reunite with their fans in the United States just now that they have new material.

The quartet received the good news this week when they were informed that the required documents had already been approved after seven months of waiting and uncertainty in which they could not enter the country to fulfill their work commitments.

"We are reorganizing everything," its leader and vocalist, Edén Muñoz, told People en Español. "We will be promoting in Los Angeles and maybe Miami due to the release of our album last Friday."

Since its release, the single "Simply Thank You" has climbed the popularity charts and is at the top of Billboard. The single will give the name to the tour that will now finally begin on American soil.

"We are happy, we are always confident that [the visas] would arrive, but everything in due course," said the accordion player. "Things in life have a reason. These seven months served as a reset after 11 uninterrupted years of work. I was writing, producing and giving the time it has to be given to things”.

Most of that forced rest time was spent on her little son, Emilio, whom she constantly boasts about on her social networks. "I enjoyed the best seven months of my life next to Emilio, who have seen him grow and wake up with me," he said with tenderness.

Because of this experience and before the migratory processes that several of his fellow Mexican musicians face, Muñoz has two pieces of advice. "I could tell them to be patient and get advice from specialized people because sometimes having a team that doesn't know [about immigration legal issues] makes things difficult," he said.

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