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562 Teeth Boy

562 Teeth Boy
562 Teeth Boy

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Doctors Remove Over 500 Teeth From Boy's Mouth 2023, January

Dentists in Chennai, India took the surprise of their lives when an x-ray discovered that a 7-year-old boy had 526 teeth. This was announced by the hospital where the minor was treated, who according to his parents had been with swollen gums for years and complained of many pains.

Doctors from the Dental College of Maxillofacial Pathology Saveetha explained that when they took an X-ray of the minor they realized that the boy had a sac full of "abnormal teeth" embedded in the lower part of the jaw, according to Dr. Prathiba Ramani to the chain CNN.

The boy had to undergo maxillofacial surgery to have the mysterious lump removed. The intervention lasted more than four hours and after its completion, the doctors dedicated themselves to walking him, confirming that there were hundreds of teeth inside.

"There were a total of 526 teeth ranging from 0.1 millimeters to 15 millimeters. Even the smallest had a crown, root and enamel, which indicates that it was a tooth, "said Ramani.

boy with 526 teeth
boy with 526 teeth

The strange problem of the child occurs rarely, but it has a name: compound odontoma and according to sources it could be of environmental origin -for example, involuntary exposure to radiation- or genetic.

The boy's parents explained that the discovery would explain the behavior of the boy, who from 3 years old had an inflamed jaw. The parents say that they could not do much about it because the child did not sit still when they took him to the doctor for examination.

Fortunately, the minor was released three days after surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

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