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Kendall Jenner Creates Teeth Whitening Enamel

Kendall Jenner Creates Teeth Whitening Enamel
Kendall Jenner Creates Teeth Whitening Enamel

Video: Kendall Jenner Creates Teeth Whitening Enamel

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Video: I Tried Kendall Jenner's Dental Line 2023, February

Her sisters have sold everything. From perfumes to skin creams, makeup, girdles and now her second-hand clothes and bags, but Kendall Jenner had never fully entered the world of beauty until now. Yes as a model, since she has been the image of Estée Lauder for years, but now she debuts as an entrepreneur and developer of a product that is surprising.

And it is not about makeup or creams or shampoo but dental care. In addition to being a shareholder in the brand, the clan model has collaborated with Moon in creating a teeth whitening enamel that is formulated with her favorite flavors, vanilla and mint, and a mix of natural ingredients and antioxidants such as strawberry extract, honeysuckle and lavender oil.

"The strawberry, in addition to having a whitening effect when you eat it, is very rich in antioxidants as an ingredient", they explain from the brand about this product that brightens your teeth as soon as you apply it and, in the long term, has a whitening effect.

It is ideal to carry in the bag and give your smile a touch a few times a day and is formulated with pigments that reflect light to get that instant shine and carbamine peroxide to illuminate and whiten.

Like the rest of the products of this brand, the brush is vegan, free of parabens and triclosan and never tested on animals.

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