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Vocalist Of Mexican Group Kidnapped And Murdered

Vocalist Of Mexican Group Kidnapped And Murdered
Vocalist Of Mexican Group Kidnapped And Murdered

Video: Vocalist Of Mexican Group Kidnapped And Murdered

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Early Sunday morning, Josimar Martínez Valdez, vocalist of the Mexican group La Tribu Loka, was kidnapped by a group of armed men, in the municipality of Francisco I. Madero, Hidalgo; the singer was leaving the place where he gave a private presentation at a wedding.

"Good evening to all the citizens of Madero, in relation to the unfortunate events of today, where a son of a colleague [Josimar Martínez Valdez] dies," said Jonathan Ávalos, mayor of that town, in his account Facebook. "We clarify that the young man was deprived of his liberty by a group of armed men and that calls from neighbors of this fact were made to the different police corporations."

According to Ávalos, after the abduction was carried out, the criminals fled at full speed in a van that was detected by the police; When they requested that the vehicle stop, the driver ignored and continued on his way. Given this, the authorities requested support from the National Guard and followed said transport.

Yosimar Martínez Valdez
Yosimar Martínez Valdez

The criminals stopped the truck and decided to confront their pursuers with bullets; after making several shots they fled across the field. Officers came to the aid of the young man, who had already received a high-caliber bullet impact. Immediately, he was transferred to the nearest hospital, where he died.

Authorities have yet to offer details on the reason for the kidnapping, but they promise to find the culprits of the murder.

"We would never be able to cause any harm to any citizen, we are here to safeguard and protect the integrity of all," added "Our companion who has all our support to find the whereabouts of the guilty."

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