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Babysitter Kills Baby Nursery Wisconsin

Babysitter Kills Baby Nursery Wisconsin
Babysitter Kills Baby Nursery Wisconsin

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A 2-year-old boy died in a Wisconsin daycare after he was apparently beaten by the babysitter who was caring for him because the boy had a tantrum. The beating that the subject gave the baby was such that the eyes changed color, according to his troubled mother.

Katherine Bolinski, mother of the boy Matthew Bolinski, said that on March 27, she left her son in the nursery that Hunter Jones administered with his wife in a house on 23rd Avenue and Lincoln Road, in the town of Kenosha.

"The day I went to leave him, he threw a tantrum like never before and now obviously I regret leaving him because of what happened, but that is my last memory of him alive," Bolinski told the WITI network.

That day a 911 call was received by the suspect saying he had a boy in a children's playpen and that there was an emergency. "This kid kind of has mental problems. He throws tantrums. He threw a tantrum. He left the playpen and hit his head and that, "said the subject in the conversation that was recorded. After 4 minutes on the phone Jones exclaimed: "Well, the thing is, the boy is unconscious right now."

When paramedics arrived at the scene they found that the boy "apparently had died an hour before his arrival," as reported by FOX-6, in Milwaukee. An autopsy revealed that the boy had 18 bruises on his head and that he probably died of suffocation.

Matthew Bolinski and Hunter Jones
Matthew Bolinski and Hunter Jones

"His eyes went from a deep blue to a very, very clear blue," explains his mother four months after the tragedy, who this Friday, July 12, appeared at a preliminary hearing to testify in the case against Jones.

"I feel confused, I feel angry," says the mother, who confesses that to date she has her baby's room intact, with all her toys and personal effects, as if she had never left. "I still pretend he's sleeping in the next room. Now everything is like a nightmare of waking up and moments when I wish he was still here.”

Jones faces charges of reckless first-degree murder. Her appearance before a judge is scheduled for this August 1.

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