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Lupillo Rivera Threatens Jesús Mendoza?

Lupillo Rivera Threatens Jesús Mendoza?
Lupillo Rivera Threatens Jesús Mendoza?

Video: Lupillo Rivera Threatens Jesús Mendoza?

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Video: "Jesús Mendoza" ¡NO QUIERE TOPARSE A LUPILLO RIVERA EN UN ESCENARIO! | El Precio De La Fama 2023, January

Lately, Jesús Mendoza has been in the eye of the hurricane, but not for his actions, but for deciding to follow his heart. And although this decision has brought him some problems, the singer is not intimidated and continues on his way to achieve his dream of being a legend of regional Mexican music.

For this, he is already preparing his next single titled "What I love the most", dedicated to his girlfriend Mayeli Alonso, Lupillo Rivera's ex-wife, for whom he assures he would do whatever it takes to keep his heart, even if that means taking care of his back from whom he doesn't want to see him alive.

Exclusively, the Mexican interpreter revealed that he has been threatened by a famous person.

"[The threats] of my team obviously do not come, my team is very close to me, I know that no treason came from there. There have been threats from different people who have sent my manager to say different kinds of things, "he said. "The threats do not come from the corridos or from the mafia, they come from people that I think many of you already have to meet and people from the [artistic] milieu."


Will it be a singer, producer or musician?

Mendoza assures that he will soon reveal the details, for the moment, he focuses on singing to love helping his audience and friends serenade his conquests.

“I really like communicating with my fans, when they help with their relationships, with their partners, one tries to help them out. I like to analyze things and I have been able to help many people in their relationships with my music,”she said.

With his most recent single titled "Keep Barking", the singer wants to send a clear message to anyone who does not like the success and happiness of others, because even though he now lives surrounded by bodyguards and bodyguards, nothing will stop him from arriving to your next goal.

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