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Man Throws Fireworks On Girl Bed

Man Throws Fireworks On Girl Bed
Man Throws Fireworks On Girl Bed

Video: Man Throws Fireworks On Girl Bed

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This Saturday morning, a man who threw lighted firecrackers under the bed of a 9-year-old girl while she was sleeping was arrested in Okaloosa, Florida. "It was a joke that went wrong," said the 44-year-old when he was arrested by the police.

County police responded to an alert call on Godfrey Street, located in the Crestview neighborhood. Its owners reported that a subject named Matthew Morrison, who lived in a tent outside his home, entered without permission to throw a bunch of firecrackers.

The homeowner chased the suspect with a stick to get him out of his house and called the police.

Morrison is now facing charges of theft, cruelty to a minor without serious harm, and possession of a controlled substance.

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