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Girl Dies After Falling From A Cruise Ship In Puerto Rico

Girl Dies After Falling From A Cruise Ship In Puerto Rico
Girl Dies After Falling From A Cruise Ship In Puerto Rico

Video: Girl Dies After Falling From A Cruise Ship In Puerto Rico

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Video: Girl dies after 2-story fall on cruise ship 2023, January

A one-and-a-half-year-old baby traveling aboard a cruise ship in San Juan, Puerto Rico, tragically died falling from the ship's window after her grandfather poked her out of an eleventh-floor window and the girl slipped from his hands.. Local authorities reported that a grandfather of the minor, originally from Indiana, put his granddaughter out the window and slipped, causing him fatal fall.

The incident occurred around 4:27 pm local time, when the Royal Caribbean company Freedom of the Seas ship was docked at the Pan American Pier II in the Puerto Rican capital. Witnesses told the Telemundo Puerto Rico network having heard the mother's cry of pain at the horrible accident.

“[We heard] the screams of the families because we were close. Because of Mom's scream, well I looked there because they were screams … imagine. That tonality, a cry of pain of that kind. It is not compared to any other scream, "said a tourist to the chain.

Elmer Román, secretary of the Department of Public Security explained to the Primera Hora newspaper that when the girl fell, she hit a roof of the boat and then fell on the pavement of the dock. The minor later died in a hospital.

"It is an American family where the grandfather looks out the girl through a window … the girl falls off the cliff and dies …" exclaimed the official. "It is a very strong scene, very regrettable and tragic … at one point, one of his grandparents, apparently, in a game act, exposes the girl to the void and it falls out of his hands."

“We are deeply saddened by yesterday's tragic incident and our regret goes out to the family. We have made our Care Team available to the family to assist them with the resources they need,”a spokesperson for the company exclaimed to People. "Out of respect for the family's privacy, we will not make any further statements at this time."

Freedom of the Seas, Royal Caribbean 2006
Freedom of the Seas, Royal Caribbean 2006

Román assured that the San Juan Homicide Division was in place around Sunday night, conducting investigations at the scene. Until then, the family had not yet been interviewed.

The minor, whose identity has not been revealed, was traveling with her maternal and paternal grandparents and a brother.

The vessel was scheduled to set sail the same day of the events on a 7-day voyage and touch various points including St. Lucia and Barbados.

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