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Frida, The Rescue Dog, Retired From Her Work

Frida, The Rescue Dog, Retired From Her Work
Frida, The Rescue Dog, Retired From Her Work

Video: Frida, The Rescue Dog, Retired From Her Work

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Video: Frida the rescue dog, a symbol of hope after deadly Mexico earthquake, retires 2023, January

On September 19, 2017, Mexico was shaken by a 7.1-magnitude earthquake that killed hundreds. 370 people were reported dead as a result of this earthquake and more than 6,000 were injured.

Just the same day that victims of the fatal earthquake in 1985 (in which more than 5,000 people died) were remembered, the Aztec country suffered another natural disaster that stole the attention of the entire world.

After the tragedy, hundreds of anonymous heroes jumped to the rescue of those who were trapped under the rubble, including a dog that stole the hearts of all of us who were following details of what was happening in Mexico: Frida. Uniformed with her glasses, vest, and booties, she showed millions of people why puppies are man's best friend.


This past Monday and after several years of service in the Mexican armed forces, Frida retired from her duties as a rescue worker and was honored as a true heroine.

“Today we recognize the praiseworthy work of Frida, a rescuer of this institution that today is synonymous with struggle, effort, union, but above all hope. Thank you Frida for all the years of service in which you helped safeguard the lives of many people!”, Read an emotional message dedicated to the dog on the social networks of the Secretary of the Navy.

Frida, along with members of the Canine Unit and Rescue Personnel of the High Command Headquarters, received one of the highest honors of the armed forces: the “Al Mérito” Decoration.

“Today he retires from active duty to dedicate himself to training. Canine binomials remind us that there is always hope”, read another of the tweets shared by the institution. Without a doubt, one of the most emotional moments of the ceremony was when the famous dog was stripped of the uniform in which she rose to fame.

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