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ICE Deportations 10 Cities

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ICE Deportations 10 Cities
ICE Deportations 10 Cities

Video: ICE Deportations 10 Cities

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Video: ICE preparing to raid 10 major cities 2023, February

The Customs and Immigration Service, better known as ICE for its acronym in English, is preparing to start a massive deportation program that will start this Sunday in 10 cities in the country.

Said agency will bid for the arrest and deportation of those people who have orders to leave the country but who have not followed them, according to a high-ranking official told CNN.

Kevin McAleenan, Acting Secretary of ICE has declined to offer details on the operation, according to two sources revealed to the chain, assuring that it is still unknown how big and at what time the operation will begin.

The reason for the secrecy is because these raids could cause the separation of families across the American Union, which would generate a wave of criticism against ICE.

A tweet from President Trump released earlier this week threatening to deport "millions":

“If you are here illegally you must be removed [from the country]. And in this case that includes families, "said Mark Morgan, another internal ICE official who spoke to the media in reference to the tweet that Trump published earlier this week threatening deportations" of millions "in the coming days.

Morgan confirmed that the President's post has accelerated this process. "The president's tweet has certainly helped prioritize these things among the people," he said. According to Morgan, the intention is to stop migrants who want to enter the country from the border with Mexico. "Our goal," he said, "is not to separate families."

"Due to the sensitivity of the activities of the security forces and the security of the personnel of the Customs and Immigration Service, the agency will not provide specific details regarding the operations that are currently being carried out before these actions are concluded," he reported. For his part, this Friday an ICE spokesman through a statement.

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