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Sisters Donate Kidney To Honor Their Father

Sisters Donate Kidney To Honor Their Father
Sisters Donate Kidney To Honor Their Father

Video: Sisters Donate Kidney To Honor Their Father

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Video: 2 sisters donate their kidneys to strangers to 'honor' their late dad | GMA 2023, January

Two young sisters are stealing each other led by the noble gesture they offered to strangers. Illinois residents Hannah and Bethany Goralski underwent operations to remove their kidneys and donate them to strangers to prevent their death.

After losing their father, Mark Goralski, in September 2018 to kidney failure, the sisters decided to try to save lives and prevent other families from suffering the loss of their loved one.

"We just wanted to make sure two fewer families went through what we went through," Bethany told the Good Morning America [ABC] morning show.

The 25-year-old girl, who dreamed of saving her father's life, was unable to donate her kidney in 2011, because doctors assured her that her father's state of health was not optimal for a transplant.

"My father was very generous, he always helped others," Hannah told the program. "And I thought, what a wonderful way to honor him."

According to PEOPLE, the sisters underwent the procedure in March, about a month after their father's death.

"To know of many people who have been affected by the [lack of] organ donation, I felt selfish to keep my kidney," said Hannah.

Since their decision, the sisters promote organ donation among young people, encouraging boys and girls like them to investigate the issue and its risks.

"I would tell them to do it, I do not regret anything," said Bethany.

Hannah added: "When I grow up, I hope to turn back and say, 'I'm glad I didn't wait' [to donate]."

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