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Man Dies Saving His Son On Father's Day

Man Dies Saving His Son On Father's Day
Man Dies Saving His Son On Father's Day

Video: Man Dies Saving His Son On Father's Day

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Video: Man Dies Saving His Family On Father’ Day 2023, February

A Minnesota father tragically lost his life by drowning while trying to rescue his 3-year-old son who had accidentally fallen into the icy waters of a lake in the Detroit Lakes region. Becker County Police confirmed Christopher Franklin Nicholas Schultz, 31, as the victim of the terrible incident that occurred just on the eve of Father's Day.

According to Todd Glander, county sheriff, around 8:22 p.m., a call was received this Saturday reporting that someone had apparently drowned outside the Long Bridge restaurant in Dead Shot Bay. When aid personnel arrived at the site, they found a group of witnesses who stated that Schultz had jumped into the water because his son had fallen from a bridge.

The father struggled to stay afloat without success. Fortunately the boy was able to be rescued by some present, but his father did not emerge from the waters, according to Glander.

The minor was immediately rushed to St. Mary's Hospital for treatment. While the Detroit Lakes Fire Department, the Minnesota Highway Patrol, the St. Mary's Paramedic Service and Becker County Sheriff's Office staff were tasked with continuing the search for Schultz.

Christopher Franklin Nicholas Schultz
Christopher Franklin Nicholas Schultz

Unfortunately, 40 minutes later his body was found and although he was immediately taken to the hospital, nothing could be done to revive him.

"I worked with him and was able to get to know him well," declared a friendship of the deceased on the GoFundMe page established in his memory. “We used to have lunch and he would talk about his children and how much he loved them. I will miss you, Chris.”

His death continues under investigation.

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