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Suspects Arrested In The Case Of David Ortiz

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Suspects Arrested In The Case Of David Ortiz
Suspects Arrested In The Case Of David Ortiz

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Video: Suspected mastermind in David Ortiz shooting is from Katy 2023, January

The authorities of the Dominican Republic continue to investigate to clarify the attack suffered by former Dominican baseball player David Ortiz this Sunday. Local sources reported Wednesday the arrest of 5 suspects who were captured in the Mao municipality, Valverde province.

The operation against these subjects has been launched practically since the attack on the Dial bar in Santo Domingo, according to Listin Diario. The Northwest National Police Directorate revealed that a squad of the Santo Domingo Police and a deputy attorney general participated in said operation. The identities of the suspects have not been released yet.

The group of detainees includes a subject who is supposed to have accompanied the main suspect: Eddy Vladimir Feliz García, who was trapped inside the bar by a mob that lynched him before he could be rescued by the police. Feliz García is detained and faces charges of attempted murder and carrying weapons without permission.

Eddy Vladimir Feliz García, who was stopped by a mob after the attack:

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For his part, Benuel Ramírez, a defense attorney for Feliz García, spoke to the media in Santo Domingo stating that his client "did not fire" the weapon, "and therefore he would be in the process eventually under conditions different from that person who would have shot”, As he declared to Despierta América (Univision).

The suspect's family claims that he made a living running errands as a motorcycle taxi driver in the capital sector, where the events occurred. "My son is calm, he is a hard-working boy," said Justina García, mother of the accused, who assures that it is impossible for her son to have been involved in the attack because he is a baseball fan. "He is also a fan of [David] Ortiz, how could he hurt him if he was his admirer?" The woman exclaimed to the local newspaper El Caribe.

For his part, Danilo Medina, President of the Dominican Republic, assured that he will "personally follow" the investigations of the case.

"These investigations have already made significant progress in coordination with the National Police and we will present the results at the appropriate time," said the director of the Public Ministry, in statements reproduced by Diario Libre

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