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Fatima: Suspects Of Girl Found In Mexico

Fatima: Suspects Of Girl Found In Mexico
Fatima: Suspects Of Girl Found In Mexico

Video: Fatima: Suspects Of Girl Found In Mexico

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Video: Protests Erupt in Mexico After Murders of Young Woman and 7-Year-Old Girl | NowThis 2023, January

The Mexican authorities have in custody two suspected of being responsible for the atrocious murder and rape of the 7-year-old girl, Fátima Cecilia Aldrighett, who was found dead four days after her disappearance was reported.

The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported on her Twitter account that those suspected of raping, torturing and killing the minor were arrested this Wednesday in the municipality of Tláhuac, south of the capital.

The Secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City, Omar García Harfuch, revealed at a press conference that Mario Alberto Reyes, known as the Tortoise, and his partner Gladis Giovana were arrested in the town of La Palma, located in the municipality of Isidro Fabela.

The official indicated that both lived together in a house located in the San Felipe neighborhood of the Xochimilco mayor's office, where the police found evidence that linked them to the crime, such as a sweater and slippers that the suspect allegedly wore at the time of the kidnapping.

García revealed that thanks to security cameras and the information thread of several citizens, they managed to track the suspects' vehicle and the route they took when they committed the kidnapping of the minor.

In addition, he said that Gladys was known to the family and that one of her children attends a school in the same area where the event occurred.


Fatima disappeared on February 11 after leaving her school in Mexico City while waiting for her mother to pick her up. Her lifeless body was discovered inside a plastic bag and with signs of abuse four days later south of the Mexican capital.

According to the BBC, the school's security camera had shown the moment the little girl was with a woman who was later identified by the testimony of one of the owners of the area.

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