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This Is Gabriel, The First Sex Doll For Women

This Is Gabriel, The First Sex Doll For Women
This Is Gabriel, The First Sex Doll For Women

Video: This Is Gabriel, The First Sex Doll For Women

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Video: Sex doll brothels: a growing trend? - BBC News 2023, February

A new silicone doll is giving women the opportunity to find an ideal sexual partner, even if it is not flesh and blood.

Until now, it was men who had rubber dolls to satisfy their sexual fantasies without looking for a partner who had a pulse. Well, that's not the case anymore.

Karley Sciortino, an expert in sex and presenter of the show Slutever in VICE digital platform, was given the task of investigating the new industry of sex dolls and found Gabriel, the first sexual product of this nature destined to female pleasure.


Since his assignment is based on exploring the different ways in which various communities around the world live their eroticism, Sciortino decided to examine Gabriel personally.

"You cannot distinguish him from a real person, with the difference that I have full control," says Sciortino in the program. "You can touch his chest, have sex, and lose yourself in your own sexual fantasy."

Bronwen Keller, one of the founders of Californian firm Sinthetics that makes Gabriel, noted that they chose that name because it is one of the characters in Evangelion, a Japanese animated television series set in an apocalyptic world. "He will take us to the future that awaits us."

Gabriel has the body of a man with a slim build and a generously sized reproductive organ. According to its managers, the doll conforms to the characteristics that most clients request, some of which sometimes have special requests.

Interestingly, the majority of clients reside in states with reputations for conservatives such as Texas, Minnesota or Michigan, where "no mischief is allowed," Keller said.

The doll is priced at about $ 5,000, which can be increased if the client wants to add additional accessories or wants particular characteristics.

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