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Texas Teacher Fired For Asking Trump To "kick Out" Immigrants

Texas Teacher Fired For Asking Trump To "kick Out" Immigrants
Texas Teacher Fired For Asking Trump To "kick Out" Immigrants

Video: Texas Teacher Fired For Asking Trump To "kick Out" Immigrants

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Georgia Clark, an English teacher from Fort Worth, Texas, was fired from the school where she worked after a series of Twitter messages were discovered that the woman sent to President Donald Trump asking him to “get” immigrants illegals of the country.

"Mr. President, the Fort Worth Independent School District is full of illegal students from Mexico," said one of his multiple tweets that cost him his job at Carter-Riverside High School.

Between May 17 and 22, the woman issued a series of tweets, thinking that these would not come to light. In one of them she said that the school district was "loaded" with undocumented students from Mexico and that they had "taken over" the school. The woman accused the minors of being drug traffickers who have not been punished. "Anything I can do to get the illegals out of Fort Worth will be greatly appreciated," Clark said in one of the tweets that was peppered with insults.

Non-compliant, the woman accused the campus principal, who is of Hispanic origin, of "protecting certain students from criminal prosecution."

According to the KDFW-FOX 4 network, in Dallas Fort Worth, on Tuesday the 14 members of the board of directors of the Fort Worth Independent School District cast their unanimous vote to terminate the woman's contract.

Georgia Clark
Georgia Clark

Curiously, the teacher had been suspended the previous week for another incident related to tweets that she posted on her networks, as confirmed by The New York Times. Likewise, it has come to light that the woman was reported by two students to school authorities assuring that she had made a series of racist comments. The woman denied the facts.

“Our mission is to prepare ALL students to be successful in college, career and community leadership,” exclaimed Kent P. Scribner, superintendent of the school district in question. “Let me reiterate that our commitment to every child in the district is to receive you and to be treated with dignity and respect. (…) The well-being and safety of your children will always be our number one priority”.

Clark has worked for the district since 1998 and when questioned about her actions, she admitted being the author of the tweets. After learning of the decision of the board of directors, the teacher appealed and is now awaiting a hearing to analyze her case, according to her lawyer, Brandon Brim, in a statement.

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