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Woman Beaten And Left For Dead In The Dominican Republic

Woman Beaten And Left For Dead In The Dominican Republic
Woman Beaten And Left For Dead In The Dominican Republic

Video: Woman Beaten And Left For Dead In The Dominican Republic

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Video: Woman Brutally Beaten and left for dead on Luxury Resort in Punta Cana Dominican Republic (Majestic) 2023, February

Tammy Lawrence-Daley, a 51-year-old Delaware resident, has just revealed the ordeal she experienced on her visit to the Dominican Republic where unidentified assailants beat her wildly and then abandoned her when she was left for dead.

The mother of two children shared shocking photos to relate the incident that occurred a couple of months ago and that she says has left her with profound emotional consequences.

"I had to take time to share it," said Lawrence-Daley, who posted a retelling of what happened on Facebook this Wednesday. "I am at a point where I feel strong enough to make this information public because women must understand that they cannot go anywhere alone."

The drama of the woman began when, last January, she traveled with her husband and a couple of friends to the Caribbean nation to spend a vacation at the all-inclusive hotel Majestic Elegance Resort, in Punta Cana. On her second day of vacation and after spending one day at the beach the four friends went to a play and then went to dinner.

The woman explained that around 10:30 pm local time, she began to feel hungry, so she went down to a hotel lounge to buy something to eat. Suddenly, and when she was going back to her room, the woman was assaulted from behind. "That's when I heard it. Heavy steps … one, two, three, four and then they rushed and before I could react they cut me from behind and I was immediately immobilized. Her arms wrapped around me and she began to drag me to a maintenance room that had a key. " The place was dark and there was water on the ground.

The woman explained that after being dragged down concrete stairs they left her in that "hole" for about 8 hours. "I call it a hole because that's how it felt to be there," Lawrence-Daley told People. "I couldn't go anywhere. I couldn't stand up and couldn't find the exit… I had no idea where I was. All I knew is that I had basically been buried there while alive.”

Tammy Lawrence-Daley
Tammy Lawrence-Daley

According to the woman, a stranger tried to strangle her several times and also hit her with a stick so wildly that her eyes closed and she couldn't see anything. The beating caused him to lose consciousness intermittently. What she does remember is seeing a person wearing the hotel uniform.

Meanwhile, her husband and friends desperately searched for the woman, seeing that she was not returning. But according to them they ran into the argument of hotel employees that she probably would have drunk a lot and was lying around, something that her husband did not believe for a moment.

Curiously, Lawrence-Daley did not suffer the theft of her belongings and noted that her bag had been left with her mobile phone, which she could not use due to not having service in the place where she had been locked up.

Miraculously, the next morning - and after approximately 8 hours of martyrdom - the woman heard voices in the upper part of the room where she was and began to scream for help. Finally several people ran to her aid and she was immediately transported to a clinic. There it was determined that she had a fractured nose and hand, which practically "ripped out her mouth" and that she had lost hearing in her left ear. In addition, she underwent an examination to find out if she had been raped, but since too many hours had passed, the tests were inconclusive, according to the victim.

"I'm not going to give up without giving up the fight," explains the woman in her post as she continues to search for answers. “This man thought he had killed me, but he failed. He is out there, he is a predator, waiting for his next victim."

Hotel spokesmen said through a Facebook post that "they are not responsible for the attack since the woman was unable to identify the attacker." Calls made by People to the administration of the Majestic Elegance Resort hotel and to the Police Department of the Dominican Republic were not answered.

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