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Lace Shorts For Men

Lace Shorts For Men
Lace Shorts For Men

Fashion has evolved a lot and every day we see trends and styles that we never imagined would become a trend today, especially when it comes to men's fashion. Such is the case of the lace shorts for men that Hologram City has just released, Yes, as you read. Lace bermuda shorts that are causing a stir on social networks.

The collection, created especially by Hoza -brand designer- for the new music video for singer Cazwell, includes models in soft pastel shades - pink, light blue and green - and we have to admit that it is a rather daring proposition.

"The shorts we designed for the Cazwell video are now a meme and the video has yet to come out," the brand wrote on its Instagram account.

Although some comments about this trend are sharp and very contrary to it, many love it and are willing to show it off in the coming summer months.

The commotion has been so great that now Hologram City, based in Los Angeles, has decided to sell the pants even before the singer shows them off in his video. In an ad that they published on their social networks, they specify that they only have some available and even offer shirts made of the same fabric.

Both the shirt and the shorts cost Ricky Martin, Becky G, Zendaya and Miley Cyrus.

What do you think of these pants?

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