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Video Young Men Hitting Teenager Stole Tennis

Video Young Men Hitting Teenager Stole Tennis
Video Young Men Hitting Teenager Stole Tennis

Video: Video Young Men Hitting Teenager Stole Tennis

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Video: Black teen speaks out after woman charged with attacking him at pool 2023, February

NYPD has hunted down a mob of teenagers responsible for a savage attack on the streets of Brooklyn in broad daylight in which they beat up a 15-year-old girl to steal her tennis shoes.

The incident occurred at 4:10 pm, on the streets of the downtown Crown Heights neighborhood last Friday was videotaped by a security camera.

There it is shown how the young girl is chased down Utica Avenue and reached at the corner of Sterling Place, where the group of thugs knocks her down.

The girl lies on the floor in a fetal position to protect herself from kicks and blows, according to the video. Then one of the suspects is caught leaving the shoes in hand while the rest runs. They also stole his cell phone and a bank card.

"A young man took the tennis shoes from the feet of the unconscious victim," Jeffrey Maddrey, Assistant Chief of Commander for the North Brooklyn precinct, who shared the clip, tweeted. "The teenager is recovering in the hospital. WE CANNOT allow this type of behavior in our #denuncia community," he said.

The police are spreading the video throughout the networks and in the press asking the community for help in locating those responsible.

"We will never tolerate violence in our city," said Terence Monahan, head of the NYPD Department in a tweet. "[The] NYPD detectives need your help for every New Yorker to get an arrest made."

For its part, the Daily News newspaper indicates that the attack would be part of a revenge against the victim - whose identity has not been revealed - for another incident in which she participated.

The identity of the victim has not been revealed. Tracks or reports can be sent to NYPD Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

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