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Get Your Figure Back After Thanksgiving
Get Your Figure Back After Thanksgiving
Massy Arias
Massy Arias

Now that the holidays have arrived for many of us, the only interest is buying us beautiful clothes and thinking about the delights we are going to eat when we get to the many family gatherings that take place on these dates. Of course, after we eat everything without thinking it comes regret and the only thing that is on our mind to go on a diet. So there is nothing like having Massy Arias' advice on hand. We spoke with the popular trainer to share with us her foolproof tricks to regain the figure after this Thanksgiving Day.

Massy, what's the best way to get rid of that bloating that remains after you've eaten a lot for several days?

The best tip for that is to drink a large amount of water with lemon. That will help you vote for all the toxins and sodium. Always keep in mind how much salt you eat and eat natural diuretics such as asparagus, Brussels sprouts, apple cider vinegar that you can add to water or to your salads.

What is the best way to go back to the diet?

"If you did not have a healthy diet, it is recommended that you start gradually, making adjustments to your food. Replace soda pop with sparkling water and add lemon. Replace sugary drinks like juices and sports drinks with water with fruit slices. You can always give yourself your tastes twice a week, you can even have a soft drink, until little by little you start to adapt to a healthier diet.


What are the best exercises to boost energy and get back on track right after these holidays?

Many people make the mistake of jumping into a new [diet and exercise] routine that is stronger than their bodies can handle. This is why many times it is extremely difficult to adjust during the first days and they end up leaving it. Set [easy] goals like running for 30 minutes a day, and when your body adjusts, increase the intensity. The main goal is for you to adapt to this new stage. One of my favorite ways to train with Interval Circuit Training. This is a routine that involves a series of exercises that work different muscles without resting until you complete the complete routine. This helps you incorporate weights and cardiovascular training at the same time. So you burn a lot of calories.


Recommend us some fun exercises that you can do at home

Circuit Interval Training is always the exercise that I choose because you can incorporate several exercises and then you can choose the ones that you like the most. The first circuit includes weight squats, push-ups and jumping jacks. If you want to lose weight quickly, follow these tips:

1. Stay hydrated all the time as our body cannot tell if it is hungry or thirsty.

2. Avoid processed foods and foods with a lot of salt

3. Choose to cook making your meals either baked, roasted, boiled, or grilled instead of fried.

4. Limit saturated and trans fats

5. Replace refined carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates because they contain a lot of fiber and will keep you full longer.

6. Always add lean protein to your meals because it also gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

7. Start an exercise routine that incorporates both cardiovascular and weights

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