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Don't Lose Your Figure During The Holidays
Don't Lose Your Figure During The Holidays

Video: Don't Lose Your Figure During The Holidays

Video: Don't Lose Your Figure During The Holidays
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Massy Arias
Massy Arias

There is no denying that during the holidays we tend to overeat and while we forget to exercise. We are so focused on enjoying the season, hanging out with friends and visiting family that it is very normal to eat everything and not think about the consequences. Of course, there are ways to avoid excesses so we don't have to regret it so much in January. We spoke with famous celebrity trainer Massy Arias, who shares some of the best advice for staying in shape during this time.

Massy, what's the biggest mistake we make during the holidays?

I see people during the holidays letting themselves go with the excuse that they have a new resolution for the new year. Many people decide not to do any type of physical activity and stop eating healthy. They try to convince themselves that when the new year begins they will make a change. The problem is that many factors, including weather and junk food, completely change our routine and make it harder for us to get back to our routine. Stopping suddenly only makes the weight gain bigger.

How can we avoid overeating?

One of the best tricks to avoid overeating is to stay hydrated all the time. Our body does not know how to distinguish hunger from thirst. Although sometimes we think we are hungry, it may be that we are only dehydrated. Eating small portions throughout the day full of lean protein is a good way not to overeat. During the holidays many people don't eat much during the day and wait to eat all the food together. Eating several times a day in small portions will help keep your body satisfied and allow you to make the best decision regarding the amount of food you want to put on your plate. Since you will not be very hungry, you will only serve yourself what satisfies you.

What are the best exercises to boost energy and get back on track right after these holidays?

Many people make the mistake of jumping into a new [diet and exercise] routine that is stronger than their bodies can handle. This is why many times it is extremely difficult to adjust during the first days and they end up leaving it. Set [easy] goals like running for 30 minutes a day, and when your body adjusts, increase the intensity. The main goal is for you to adapt to this new stage. One of my favorite ways to train is with Interval Circuit Training. This is a routine that consists of a series of exercises that work different muscles without resting until you complete the complete routine. This helps you incorporate weights and cardiovascular training at the same time. So you burn a lot of calories.

Recommend us some fun exercises that you can do at home

Circuit Interval Training is always the exercise that I choose because you can incorporate several exercises and then you can choose the ones that you like the most. The first circuit includes weight squats, push-ups and jumping jacks. If you want to lose weight quickly, follow these tips:

1. Stay hydrated all the time as our body cannot tell if it is hungry or thirsty.

2. Avoid processed foods and foods with a lot of salt

3. Choose to cook making your meals either baked, roasted, boiled, or grilled instead of fried.

4. Limit saturated and trans fats

5. Replace refined carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates because they contain a lot of fiber and will keep you full longer.

6. Always add lean protein to your meals because it also gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

7. Start an exercise routine that incorporates both cardiovascular and weights

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