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Martha Luna, The Venezuelan Blogger Who Has Conquered The Networks
Martha Luna, The Venezuelan Blogger Who Has Conquered The Networks

Video: Martha Luna, The Venezuelan Blogger Who Has Conquered The Networks

Video: Martha Luna, The Venezuelan Blogger Who Has Conquered The Networks
Video: Martha Luna Latina Influencer in fashion and lifestyle | American Latino 2023, April
Martha Luna
Martha Luna

We are in the era of social networks, a medium where it is easier to express yourself through images and messages. But the most important thing is that when looking for inspiration for the outfit of your next outing or better yet, to know that dreams can come true, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the perfect place. That was what Martha Luna thought, a Venezuelan blogger who found in this medium the best way to get ahead and overcome her fears. Today Luna not only inspires the more than 60,000 followers she has on Instagram, but she has also become an entrepreneur, collaborating with various fashion and beauty companies. Meet the young woman who became a housewife as a sensation in the networks.

How did you start your adventure as a blogger?

I started my blog in October 2010 when I lived in Newport News, Virginia, [where] I was stationed because I was [the] wife of a military man. I was raised in New York and had always liked fashion. Learning that I could have my own online magazine [where I could] inspire other young women to follow their dreams, I loved the idea.


What was the most difficult thing to make yourself known?

Starting my blog in Virginia, especially since at that time I was the wife of a military man and [that] is not a state with a lot of fashion and style, events and opportunities like New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Two years after starting my blog I came to [the Big Apple] for a summer and stayed for nine months. There were not as many bloggers as there are now, and less from Venezuela. Today I am the number one Venezuelan blogger in this city.

Tell us about the interesting collaborations you have made…

My first collaboration was in conjunction with the designer Astrid Carolina of Arena Fashion in Venezuela. We designed a collection of tote and makeup bags with bilingual phrases in English and Spanish called La Bilingual Collection. The second was with AvidSwim designer Gionna Nicole for the Swim Caicos Collection Resort which was unveiled in February 2016 on the catwalks for New York Fashion Week. I had the opportunity to design the special edition piece of the collection myself.

You also recently did a very eye-catching hat collaboration…

[I did it] with Jackie Dew the CEO and designer of the Born + Made brand. I designed four T-shirts with phrases like "Fabulous Latina", "Style is Forever" and "Viva la moda". [I also designed] six hats with sequins and a lot of style with words like "Hello" and "Kisses". Thanks to all the experiences [with] these collaborations I was inspired to have my own line of Mnyc cosmetic bags. They are bags with unique designs and special embroidery made in my country. I tell them that I am in the process of announcing my makeup line with Face Stockholm.

You recently started doing reports for television, tell us about this new adventure

My segment is called In Style with Martha Luna. It comes out every Sunday on the Super Canal, a show on Direct TV. There you will not only see my lifestyle, but also interviews, fashion trends, travel, celebrities and much more.

What advice do you give to girls who want to start as bloggers?

Don't do it because everyone else is doing it. Work hard and use that platform to inspire, bring a positive message to the world, always believe in yourself. Be you, be honest. IF you are not real people will not connect with you.

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