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Suzette Quintanilla Talks About Selena's Makeup Line
Suzette Quintanilla Talks About Selena's Makeup Line

Video: Suzette Quintanilla Talks About Selena's Makeup Line

Video: Suzette Quintanilla Talks About Selena's Makeup Line
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It seems incredible that after more than two decades Selena's memory lives on in the thousands of fans who once placed her among the show's most beloved artists. Thanks to that popularity, which increased after her tragic death in 1995, the artist already has a wax statue at the Madame Tussauds museum in Hollywood and now she also has her own makeup line with MAC, which was one of her dreams. of the singer and which was made reality by the request on the internet of a fan. We spoke with her sister Suzette Quintanilla-Arriaga who told us all about the new collection.

How do you feel about the launch?

Is incredible. Twenty-one years have passed and she is definitely an icon. I love that so many people still love her. The line was inspired by a fan's request and that is the most important thing [The] MAC was a labor of love, they have respected her legacy.

Since La Flor and Bidi Bidi Bom Bom are the names of two of the products, how did you choose the colors?

I wanted it to be all about my sister. I opened her makeup case and took photos of literally everything she was wearing.

Do you still keep it?

Yes, what he wore daily and what he wore when he acted, because it was all mixed up. So [the collection] is definitely her. They are colors that [she] would wear now. [Purple] was her favorite color. So we found it appropriate.

Did you like to put on makeup?

She loved it. I think that came from my mother. [She told us:] 'Don't go out without makeup', 'make sure you have your hair arranged'. I'm sure a lot of Latina moms do that. And who doesn't like makeup? A color can change your mood and I hope that's what this line does, especially for Latinas.

Anything you remember about her especially?

When I saw the lipstick it made me think about when we used to go on the bus, because traveling in it was like our second home, and she would lie down next to me and we would talk about life, about how one day we would

A beauty tip for your sister to follow?

None in particular. I think Selena would say something like 'just be you'.


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