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Jennifer Garner Reveals Her Beauty Secrets
Jennifer Garner Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Video: Jennifer Garner Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Video: Jennifer Garner Reveals Her Beauty Secrets
Video: Jennifer Garner Gets Candid About Beauty, Her Lifestyle & More | Beautiful Issue | PeopleTV 2023, March
Jennifer Garner, interview, beauty
Jennifer Garner, interview, beauty

During the presentation of the new Neutrogena products for 2016, we talked with the actress and brand image Jennifer Garner, about her beauty secrets, her balance as a mother and the pressure to always look good that women suffer in Hollywood.

What is your beauty routine?

I think clean skin is the most beautiful thing you can have, so I try to clean my skin morning and night. I also use an eye cream, serum and nighttime moisturizer. For the day I change to the day cream, with SPF, and if I am going to be in the sun I use a sunscreen on top.

And before a red carpet?

A quick round of preparation: I get my eyebrows, a facial … but if you mean something extra, I've never been good at it. Maybe 15 years ago, when I was more disciplined, but now I just try to be presentable.

The best beauty advice you have received and who gave it to you

It was given to me by a makeup artist named Paul Starr. I asked him how to make up my eyes and, there are so many ways to do it that you have to know what looks good on you. For me, for example, everything seems too much, you give me a palette of eyes with many colors and I don't know what to do. He said to me, 'Pick something that you feel comfortable with and look comfortable with, and learn how to do that one thing.' And that's true of anything in makeup.

Jennifer Garner, interview, beauty
Jennifer Garner, interview, beauty

Any other tricks learned from a makeup artist?

I would say blending. You really don't realize how necessary it is to add the products little by little and mix.

Do you dry your hair?

Never. That's what a stylist taught me, you don't want to do anything to your hair that doesn't have to be done. So I go everywhere with wet hair. And I am lucky to have a job that either someone will do for me or I can take it wet.

Give us an anti-aging tip.

Of course, wearing sunscreen is number one. It is the gift you can give your skin and I know it is hard to convince yourself to do it every day. I see it in the skin of my daughters, so pristine. Now it is my job as a mother to protect them, and I tell them, 'They will be so happy when they are 40 years old! They are going to love their skin! ' Also perseverance, doing what you say you are going to do, using the products you have in your bathroom, instead of leaving them there.

Jennifer Garner, interview, beauty
Jennifer Garner, interview, beauty

At an awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

You are very involved in campaigns against skin cancer, why is it so important to you?

Because skin cancer is unnecessary. If we could have a bug in the ear reminding us that all you have to do is wear sunscreen and make it part of your daily routine. In 50 years we will all have to wear sunscreen because the sun will be so strong that it will be like brushing our teeth. But we will all be much healthier before if we start using it now.

What would you say makes you feel more beautiful?

A good workout. Well, right after it is a little nasty! But after the workout and the shower, a combination of the blood pumping and if you laughed, if you had a good conversation … That has always made me feel better.

I see that exercise is very important to you, what do you do to stay fit?

I try to train every day, which means that sometimes I do it very early. Three days I exercise with a personal trainer, another two days I train with my friends and another day I try to do something new like Pilates, yoga… Now I am trying a cardio class that makes me happy.

Women suffer much more from the pressure of Hollywood, how do you deal with it?

You have to because it is part of your life. I want to look good, and as a brand image I have to. At the same time, I don't think you will make it when that is your only purpose in life. Life has to be your purpose, and that sometimes means pizza, it means wine, a couple of days without going to the gym … It is finding balance and not paying too much attention to that madness.

How do you balance your profession with being a mom?

You realize that there really is no balance. When I'm not working I am a full time mom, and it is so exhausting, emotionally, physically and mentally. There is no way you are going to make it because you are seeking balance with various children, their needs, their desires. One gets angry because you spent more time with another … You have to abandon the idea of balance and do your best.

Jennifer Garner, interview, beauty
Jennifer Garner, interview, beauty

The interpreter is a great lover of physical exercise.

There are many young actresses who are obsessed with their looks and who are afraid of getting old …

I would tell them to become less obsessed because they are going to get old. Growing old is a gift, you win every expression line, every wrinkle of laughter, which cannot be corrected but can be diminished with a little help. You don't want your face to look like a mask. I wish that, when I was 25 years old, I had done all the bikini sessions proposed to me because I had a great body, but I was always so demure. And now it's not going to go the other way, you're not going to look better than when you're 18, 25 …

The biggest challenge for women today in terms of beauty

There is so much to choose from, and sometimes it is difficult to know … We can be easily seduced by many things, that we should really buy? Really the luxury brands of the department stores, are they going to make us feel better, look better, age better? It is very important not to match what you think of yourself with your appearance, with what you buy, with the things you spend your money on.

What do you like to do in the time you keep for yourself (“Me time”)?

Although it sounds strange, I feel that my work is the time I reserve for myself because I work with my best friends. I feel like it is when I meet them, I run away from children… I also do one thing with my friends if I haven't seen them in a long time that we call “the perfect hour”. When the children are in bed, we meet in a house, pour ourselves a glass of wine and set the alarm on the phone to ring in an hour. You talk as fast as you can and then you have to go home. The trick is to really stop on time.

Jennifer Garner, interview, beauty
Jennifer Garner, interview, beauty

The actress at an awards ceremony in Los Angeles in January.

And to relax?

I meditate, is what everyone does now in Los Angeles. Someone taught me how to meditate, and I meditated twice a day for 6 months. Now I do it once a day. And if I wake up in the middle of the night I have a debate with myself whether to watch 30 Rock on my phone or meditate. There are times that either one is worth me.

Have you noticed any difference since you meditate?

I'm not sure. But they told me not to worry about it, just do it and trust that you're doing something, so I sit down and do it.

Who is your inspiration in life and in the world of beauty?

Actress Annete Bening. It is perfect in all areas. I worked with her a year and a half ago and she is so relaxed, she doesn't let anything affect her … She always does her best and works very hard. When I grow up I want to be like her.

Any philosophy regarding aging and beauty?

I grew up in a house where there was no talk of beauty. I have two sisters, we are the Garner girls and we were not allowed to wear earrings, cut our hair, wear makeup, or nail polish, none of that. My father was very conservative in that regard and we did not even question him. It is not the same for my children who have seen me in makeup and hair sets all their lives. But I try to tone down the importance of beauty, unless we are talking about who they are. I think we all wish that our children were kind, empathetic and sweet. And it's harder than it sounds in this world, but it really is what I'm trying to do.

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