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PrayingforLaura: A Plea For A Patient Goes Viral

PrayingforLaura: A Plea For A Patient Goes Viral
PrayingforLaura: A Plea For A Patient Goes Viral

Video: PrayingforLaura: A Plea For A Patient Goes Viral

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Video: Video of Covenant staff praying goes viral 2023, February

Praying for Laura is a trend. It all started with a tweet from a user asking for prayers for his friend Laura, 30, who was in poor health after getting the coronavirus.

Jonathan Merritt, who is the author of a book and contributor to several publications, asked his followers to put their New York friend, who is suffering from pneumonia and is connected to a ventilator in intensive care, in her prayers. Her tweet received in a few hours 70,000 likes, 10,000 retweets and since then has been used by many users.

According to the GoFundMe account created by her family, Laura began to have trouble breathing and was taken to a Worcester, NY hospital where she was found to be suffering from pneumonia and COVID-19. Her health condition deteriorated and she was transferred to another medical center in Boston.

Another case that has gone viral on the Internet is that of Christell Cadet, a 34-year-old young paramedic who is torn between life and death after complications from contracting the coronavirus in New York City.

Cadet, who is asthmatic, suffers from pneumonia and is in critical condition connected to a critically ill ventilator in the intensive care unit, although stable, her mother, Jessy, told Insider.

"She is stable, but critical. She is sedated in intensive care. She is receiving the best possible care," said the mother. "We are hoping for the best. We are praying."

The young woman began to feel ill on Tuesday of last week and stopped working after suffering a coughing fit. The next day she had a respiratory crisis and her inhaler was not working, so she was admitted to a hospital and diagnosed with the coronavirus, CNN reported.

Christell Cadet
Christell Cadet

“Christell Cadet is an incredible young woman, sister, daughter, co-worker and friend who has been selfless in her career as a paramedic. She is in a long battle: it is still unknown when she will be discharged from the hospital,”wrote Sherry Singleton, a friend and colleague of Cadet's who also created a GoFundMe account to raise funds.

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