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95-year-old Woman Overcomes The Coronavirus

95-year-old Woman Overcomes The Coronavirus
95-year-old Woman Overcomes The Coronavirus

Video: 95-year-old Woman Overcomes The Coronavirus

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Video: 110-year-old woman recovers from Covid in 5 days, discharged from hospital 2023, January

Amid so many numbers of victims and casualties due to the coronavirus, we receive encouraging news. Alma Clara Corsini, a 95-year-old woman, has passed the Covid-19. The case took place in the city of Modena, Italy, as reported by the Gazzeta di Modena newspaper.

The joy of her recovery was such that the entire medical team wanted to be photographed with this flesh and blood heroin who has become a symbol of hope for everyone.

"Yes, yes, I am fine, the doctors and all the staff are very good people, they have taken good care of me and shortly they will send me home," she said excitedly to the Italian newspaper.

The wonderful news was immediately shared by Pope Francis through his Facebook account to convey optimism and the conviction that all is not lost.

The situation in the country is alarming. With almost 5,500 fatalities and more than 60,000 infected, this achievement represents a ray of light and an injection of force in the midst of so much despair.

It seems to be the second case in which such an elderly person wins the battle against this disease. The first took place in Lombardy, the region hitherto most affected, where a 97-year-old man was released this week after recovering despite the severe pneumonia he suffered from.

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