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Martin Fuentes Crashes And Breaks His Head

Martin Fuentes Crashes And Breaks His Head
Martin Fuentes Crashes And Breaks His Head

Video: Martin Fuentes Crashes And Breaks His Head

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The businessman Martín Fuentes, who is the husband of the Mexican actress and presenter Jacky Bracamontes, had an accident in which he cut his head, he revealed this Friday through his social networks.

Fuentes, who is also a professional car driver, posted on his Instagram account a short video showing him sitting on a plane with a prominent wound on the back of his head that required more than eight staples to close after having been injured in Snow.

"A small scratch in the snow, but we are fine, ready to return to training," he wrote in his post surprising his 336,000 followers using the labels "My head already looks like a map", "One more line to the tiger" and "Giant piggy bank"

His wife left him a message in his letter: emoticons with four little monkeys covering their eyes. Other celebrities who expressed concern about Fuentes' health status include Sebastián Rulli, Luis Fonsi and Cristián de la Fuente.

The presenter of the television program La Voz (Telemundo) and her husband have the habit of sharing on their social networks photos of their own adventures and those carried out with their children, whom they have taken to ski and go-kart in several times.

Previously, the businessman had posted on his Instagram account a photo with five of his friends when they were skiing in Val Thorens, in the Tarentaise Valley of the French Alps. Fuentes did not say if his accident happened in that place.

Previously, in an interview with the magazine Who, a sister of Bracamontes stressed that her brother-in-law "is very skilled for the sport, I know that he won a medal for playing volleyball, and he is super good at skiing."

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