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Missing 6-year-old Girl Found Dead

Missing 6-year-old Girl Found Dead
Missing 6-year-old Girl Found Dead

Video: Missing 6-year-old Girl Found Dead

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Video: Missing 6-year-old Girl Found Dead In South Carolina | NBC Nightly News 2023, January

South Carolina authorities are investigating the death of the 6-year-old Faye Swetlik, who was reported missing three days before she was found dead. The police consider her death a homicide.

"It is with a very sad heart that we have found a body that the medical examiner has identified as Faye Marie Swetlik," Cayce local public safety director Byron Snellgrove said at a press conference.

"Now we are treating this case as a homicide. Since the community has been working hard to find Faye and bring her safely home, we wanted them to know as soon as possible, "he added.

During the search for Faye, police found the body of a man, for which he opened a separate investigation, but now considers the two findings to be related, according to People.

Faye Swetlik
Faye Swetlik

The man found dead was identified as Coty Scott Taylor, 30, and according to authorities, was a neighbor of the girl.

Taylor was found dead at his home, but authorities have not yet released the cause of his death, as they hope to have his autopsy results this Saturday, People added.

Although the authorities consider the deaths to be linked, that does not mean that there is a suspect on the loose that represents a threat to the community. In fact, agent Evan Antley indicated that they are not looking for any other suspect, People reported.

Authorities found the girl's body after locating important evidence in the trash at Taylor's home. Antley declined to give further details, but said it had to do with the information in the flyers distributed to locate Faye.

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