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Body Of Hispanic Man Missing For 10 Years Found

Body Of Hispanic Man Missing For 10 Years Found
Body Of Hispanic Man Missing For 10 Years Found

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The mystery about the whereabouts of Larry Ely Murillo-Moncada, who was missing for a decade, has been tragically solved. His parents reported his disappearance in November 2009 after allegedly having an upset and running away from home.

Since then, nothing was known about Murillo-Moncada, who was 25 when he disappeared, until his remains were discovered behind a refrigerator at the supermarket where he worked in Iowa, Sergeant Brandon Danielson confirmed to People.

The missing man worked at the supermarket, which was then called Council Bluffs. Then it closed and became No Frills Supermarket.

According to CNN, his parents argued that the young man was acting irrationally because of the medication he was taking. Sergeant Danielson told the Des Moines Register newspaper that Larry had left the house uncovered during a snowstorm. “There was a snowstorm that day. He left without shoes, without stockings, without keys, without a car,”he said.

Larry Murillo-Moncada
Larry Murillo-Moncada

Although he did not have to work that day, the young man apparently went to the supermarket.

In January of this year, while workers were moving freezers and changing shelves in the empty room undergoing renovations, they found the body. Sergeant Danielson explained that due to the elapsed time only body remains remained, but DNA tests confirmed that he was compatible with Murillo-Moncada's biological parents, which led to his identification.

An autopsy revealed that he had not suffered any signs of trauma, and it is therefore considered that the death was the result of an accident, not a homicide. Investigators believe the young man left his home that cold night in 2009 and went to the supermarket, where he climbed on top of one of the refrigerators. He accidentally fell into an 18-inch gap between the refrigerator and the wall. The Council Bluffs police captain told CNN that supermarket employees were hiding there when they took an unauthorized break from work.

"It's like a 12-foot drop," Sgt Danielson told the Des Moines Register newspaper. “The noise from the freezers possibly made it difficult for anyone to hear their plea for help. There is so much noise that probably nobody could hear it."

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