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Colombian Beauty Queen Denounces Fraud In Contest

Colombian Beauty Queen Denounces Fraud In Contest
Colombian Beauty Queen Denounces Fraud In Contest

Video: Colombian Beauty Queen Denounces Fraud In Contest

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Video: Miss Colombia Responds, 'Cried a Ton' After Mistaken Crowning 2023, January

The Miss Global 2019 beauty pageant was marred by a scandalous complaint by one of her contestants, Jesenia Orozco, who shouted in the final that everything was a fraud.

In a video that went viral, you can see when the representative of Colombia stops the applause and applause from the audience to point out what she claims was a trap by the organizers and a lack of consideration for the contestants.

"It is a fraud, it is a fraud," he said. "There is immense corruption in Mexico and it is not fair, what they are doing here is not correct, it is a lack of respect for all women," she added, visibly upset and raising her voice before the cameras and those present.

In an interview on the television program Despierta América (Univision), Miss Colombia stated that the Mexican candidate was going to be favored over the others even though she did not participate in many of the activities and hardly shared with the others.

According to local media, the event was held in Mexico on January 18 and certain irregularities were reported when more candidates than usual were added to knockout rounds. The representative of the Czech Republic, Karolína Kokesová, was the winner.

The president and founder of the contest, Van Pham, published a statement in which he reveals that they were pressured by the sponsor of the contest in Mexico, Ramiro Gutiérrez, to favor the participant from the Aztec country. However, he assured that they are not linked to him and that the voting has always been free, fair and ethical.

In a publication on his Instagram account, Orozco regretted what happened and clarified that his complaint was not because he is angry because he lost but because he believes in justice, freedom of expression and has "the hope that this world will become A better place".

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