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Pregnant Teacher Loses Baby In Car Accident

Pregnant Teacher Loses Baby In Car Accident
Pregnant Teacher Loses Baby In Car Accident

Video: Pregnant Teacher Loses Baby In Car Accident

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Video: Pregnant Mom Dies in Car Crash That Suspect Livestreamed on Facebook 2023, January

What should have been a holiday became a tragedy for a young Mississippi teacher who was looking forward to becoming a mom. Mashayla Harper, 24, who was in her eighth month of pregnancy, lost her baby when she returned home from her baby shower.

According to the Jones County sheriff, the expectant mother's car was hit by another driven by a drunk driver who fled, People confirmed.

According to Sgt. JD Carter, the expectant mom was driving her car to her home when a 2005 Nissan Titan collided with her car last Saturday. The young woman was rushed to a local hospital in serious condition, where it was confirmed that she had lost her baby.

"To see our baby go from the happiest day of her life to the ICU [Intensive Care Unit] in a matter of minutes is a total tragedy," wrote the father of the victim on his Facebook account. “That idiot who hit his head-on and left him there to his death. We thank the person who was hunting in that area and came to help her. If it wasn't for that, we wouldn't be in the ICU praying as she fights for her life.”

According to People, the driver allegedly responsible for the accident was identified as James Gilbert, 33. The suspect was arrested thanks to the cooperation of his wife, who upon the sheriff's request agreed to help locate him.

Gilbert has been charged with leaving the scene of a death or injury incident and is currently in jail on a $ 100,000 bond.

According to Sergeant Carter, the suspect admitted that he was drunk when the accident occurred.

"I was scared," the driver told a local outlet. "So sorry".

Authorities confirmed to People that the teacher is conscious but remains in critical condition.

The family has created an account to raise funds for medical expenses on the GoFundMe page.

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