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Chicago Mother Stabbed Her Baby

Chicago Mother Stabbed Her Baby
Chicago Mother Stabbed Her Baby

Video: Chicago Mother Stabbed Her Baby

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Video: Girl killed in East Garfield Park allegedly stabbed to death by mother, grandfather says 2023, February

Aleah Newell, a 20-year-old Chicago mother, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the brutal death of her two children. One was stabbed and the other was thrown out of a window before she launched herself from an eleventh floor.

The woman also faces another murder charge in Pirmer degree for stabbing her 70-year-old grandfather during a fateful incident.

According to Cook County Police sources, officers responded to a call Thursday morning from Water's Edge Apartments, located in the South Shore area.

When they arrived at the site, they found the woman and her two-year-old son Johntavis, impacted on the sidewalk located just outside the building where her grandfather lived, according to CBS-Chicago. Inside the apartment they found the old man on the floor "moaning in a pool of blood."

The macabre findings continued: In the bathtub they found Ameer, the woman's seven-month-old baby, stabbed 19 times in the head. Her body was covered in sores from being immersed in a boiling water bath, the police report confirms.

The prosecution assures that the attack occurred when the old man wanted to enter the bathroom to use the toilet, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. The woman allegedly hit him on the head with a towel and then stabbed him.

Jontavious and Ameer Newell
Jontavious and Ameer Newell

In less than two seconds the woman came out of the bathroom, took her oldest son and threw him out the window onto the street. Immediately she jumped into the void, hitting a scaffold in her path that cushioned her fall.

Incredibly, both Newell and his grandfather survived, and both remain hospitalized. For their part, the minors were transferred to the Comer Pediatric Hospital, where their death was pronounced.

"I do not know what happened, why stabbed my grandchildren, " said Zera Newell, mother of the suspect, ABC-7 Chicago. The woman confessed to the Chicago-Sun that her daughter had attempted suicide a while ago and that she lived in a shelter with her children.

"I don't know what was happening, but I know that deep down inside she loved her children," stressed the broken grandmother. "And my grandchildren, I will never forget them. I always want to remember the good times we had for two years and seven months."

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