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School Principal Faces Criminal Charges For Sexual Abuse

School Principal Faces Criminal Charges For Sexual Abuse
School Principal Faces Criminal Charges For Sexual Abuse

Video: School Principal Faces Criminal Charges For Sexual Abuse

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Video: 13-year-old's father confronts teacher who sexually abused his son 2023, January

The principal of an Illinois elementary school faces criminal charges for allegedly sexually abusing a teenage girl.

According to Wisconsin court records, Curtiss Tolefree, 42, faces three charges in that state of sexual assault of a student by school personnel and two charges of exposing her genitals to a minor. According to the documents, the incidents occurred in 2008 when Tolefree was working at a Wisconsin school.

Tolefree, who until recently served as principal at Beulah Park Elementary School in the state of Illinois, was placed on administrative leave and removed from that campus while his case is being heard in court.

According to a local newspaper, a woman denounced Tolefree in late 2018, claiming that when she was a 17-year-old student at Bradford High School, the educator began abusing her. The sexual encounters continued, the former student alleged, in 2009 when Tolefree was dean in high school.

Curtiss Tolefree
Curtiss Tolefree

According to legal documents, due to her behavior, the young woman was sent to the dean's office, where sexual encounters generally occurred almost daily. Sometimes, they add the documents, Tolefree himself sent her to call his office to have sex.

According to The Kenosha News, Tolefree and the teenager also used to meet at home and in hotel rooms just to have sex.

The woman assured police that she started a relationship with another person in 2010, something that allegedly sparked the jealousy of the educator - who would have asked him to focus on his studies.

For his part, in a letter addressed to the parents of the Beulah Park elementary school - where Tolefree worked until the charges were filed against him - Keely Roberts, superintendent of the area's school district, assured that the Illinois authorities realized of the lawsuit on December 9 and the director was immediately placed on administrative leave, as reported by PEOPLE.

"There is no indication that the alleged criminal conduct involves District 6 or its students," the letter says. "Immediately after learning of the charges, Mr. Tolefree was placed on administrative leave."

Furthermore, the newspaper reported that according to district documents, Tolefree was accused of having inappropriate sexual relations with at least two employees of a high school in Wisconsin, where he also served as principal.

Until Wednesday, it was unknown if Tolefree has legal representation or if he had ruled on the charges.

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