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Christian Nodal Fulfills A Dream By Meeting Akwid

Christian Nodal Fulfills A Dream By Meeting Akwid
Christian Nodal Fulfills A Dream By Meeting Akwid

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After fulfilling a busy work schedule, Christian Nodal took time to enjoy with friends and turn one of his dreams into reality.

The young Mexican regional music singer invited the Akwid duo to share an evening, in which he confessed his love for the music of the urban regional music group. Duet in sight?

Yes! And it may be very soon, according to Sergio Gómez, vocalist of Akwid, who integrates with his brother Francisco Gómez. They were both taken by surprise by Nodal's invitation.

“Our partner at Parral Music received a call [saying] that Christian was very interested in inviting us. He sent for us and from one day to the next we went to Guadalajara, Jalisco, to meet him, he was very interested [in getting to know us],”Sergio told People en Español. "It was completely unexpected."

According to Sergio, both he and his brother Francisco were unaware that Nodal was a fan of his music and much less that his songs were known, so listening to him perform them was fascinating.

"We had no idea he was a huge fan until we arrived and the way we were greeted. He was extremely excited, a boy's dream come true, and he told us that we were a huge influence on him doing what he does musically,”he said.

“What surprised us the most apart from all the hugs and kisses, is that he knew all our music and wanted to do something crazy and have a good time singing our songs. It was funny, he was singing our music like a kid in a candy store. He was having a great time and so were we. It was a nice surprise, "he added.

As the night passed, Nodal was joined by Gerardo MX for a free style session. “They sang our songs, we have never seen that before. Two great artists singing our music in front of us [was] really wonderful, "said Gómez.

In addition to music, there was no shortage of good food and drinks at the party, which they enjoyed until late at night.

“Very delicious meats, [there was] a chef preparing food. We were in the middle of nowhere having a good time, as [normal] people, as creators, as artists getting to know each other, it was very pleasant,”he said.


But the talent pool was not in vain and at the end of the evening the artists agreed to create something that would last forever.

"We want to do something together, make music, something eternal," said the singer. "[Christian] used the example that our music does not go [out of style], it regenerates over time between young people and new artists."

“It's funny how each artist we meet now tells us how our influence and our success took them where they are now, to do something different, creative, out of the ordinary. We are truly blessed and grateful to hear these words from wonderful people and we are 100 percent [willing] to do that [with Nodal],”he added.

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