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Why Australian Model Erin Langmaid Gave Birth In A Bathroom

Why Australian Model Erin Langmaid Gave Birth In A Bathroom
Why Australian Model Erin Langmaid Gave Birth In A Bathroom

Video: Why Australian Model Erin Langmaid Gave Birth In A Bathroom

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Video: The pregnancy test was negative... Then I gave birth in a hotel toilet! 😱- BBC 2023, January

The young Australian model Erin Langmaid could not believe the surprise that awaited her after entering the bathroom for feeling a little indisposed.

Without waiting for it, and after around ten minutes in the toilet, Langmaid gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whom she named Isla, whom she says she did not know had carried in her womb for nine months.

The young woman said she was unaware of being pregnant, as she never felt any symptoms and was continuously giving birth control injections, according to People.

"It obviously didn't show because it fit all [clothes]," 7 News Reports told television. "It is really strange."

Langmaid, 23, and her boyfriend Daniel Carty, 31, were taken by surprise with what they called the "dramatic" arrival of their baby girl on October 29.

"I heard a scream and ran inside and then I saw the little girl and I thought, 'Wait, there are two,'" he told 7 News.

Erin langmaid
Erin langmaid

Her initial shock quickly turned to panic when she realized that the little girl stopped breathing shortly after her arrival. With her father's instincts activated, Carty called the emergency number and the operator guided her to help her daughter breathe again.

Fortunately, she was able to save the little girl's life and both she and the mother were transferred to the hospital. It was there, after examining them, that the doctors determined that the model had experienced a cryptic pregnancy.

According to reports, one in 475 women experiences this type of pregnancy that cannot be detected by conventional pregnancy tests and that the affected women do not realize their condition until after 20 weeks or until delivery..

Although Isla's arrival took them by surprise, the new parents are happily adjusting to their new family life.

“We want to share with you our new member of the family. Isla May came into the world on Tuesday night. She lived in her mommy's belly for 9 months without letting us know,”Carty wrote on her Instagram account along with a family photograph. "After some extremely tough days, the two mom and daughter are perfectly fine and ready to go home."

Erin Langmaid, Daniel Carty and Isla
Erin Langmaid, Daniel Carty and Isla

For her part, Langmaid confessed that although she still comes out of her amazement, she feels blessed with her little “legend”.

"I'm still in shock, but you fit in and this is our life now," he told the television network. "We would not change it."

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