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Student Murdered After Reporting Sexual Assault

Student Murdered After Reporting Sexual Assault
Student Murdered After Reporting Sexual Assault

Video: Student Murdered After Reporting Sexual Assault

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Video: Police Set Up Sting to Record Student Admitting to Sexual Assault 2023, February

The allegation that she had been sexually assaulted by her roommate's boyfriend could have led to the death of student Alexis Crawford, whose body was found Nov. 8 in a park outside Atlanta, GA.

At least that is what the police consider, who has accused the roommate, Jordyn Jones, and her partner Barron Brantley of premeditated murder.

According to the arrest warrant, Jones took the victim to a store where they bought alcohol and then returned to the apartment they shared near Clark Atlanta University. There they had a fight that was joined by Brantley, who apparently strangled her to death.

"It was not a stranger, it was people he trusted and who ultimately took his life," the Rev. Markel Hutches, a spokesman for the Crawford family, told CBS.

Barron Brantley
Barron Brantley

Crawford had reported to police last October 27 that she had been sexually assaulted by Brantley in the bathroom of the apartment, according to the WSBT network. Her family reported her disappearance on November 1 and the body was found seven days later after one of the suspects finally confessed to the authorities the whereabouts of her body to the police, according to local press.

According to the documents, Brantley and Jones disposed of the body leaving it in a park about 11 miles from the home where they allegedly committed the crime.

"Jones and Brantley put Alexis Crawford in a plastic container and transported her body to the Exchange Park in Decatur, Georgia, where they left her body in the woods," the report said.

The young woman was reported missing by her family, with whom she had contact at least once a day. Her mother, Tammy Crawford, confirmed that the last time she spoke to her daughter was October 30 and she was "in good spirits and smiling," according to People.

Police have not yet established the motive for the murder and it is unknown if the suspects have private legal representation.

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